The Pound: A Musical for the Dogs






Audience Comments

The Pound: A Musical for the Dogs

“Very touching show and a wonderful way to bring attention to an important issue – very creative.”

“It was a delightful performance that had me laughing and wishing I had a kleenex throughout. What a perfect way to let people know the plight of our furred friends and be entertained at the same time.”

“My husband & I found this very entertaining. We laughed & could relate to the mannerisms of some of the "dogs" because of our dog. It touched my heart & even caused some tears at times. I will surely recommend this performance to my friends."

“Such a wonderful way to shine a light on animal rescue!”

“It’s adorable! So glad I came!”

“Looking forward to seeing the show again!”

“I have been waiting years for this to exist!”

“So fun! What a great musical to be my 5-year-old’s first play!”

“Wow! Great show!”

“Great show – enjoyed it very much!”


“Very well done!”

“That was an amazing musical. Loved the music, the voices, the acting!”

“Love the play. So cute!”

“Love the various dog stories and personalities portrayed!”


“Love the message. Love how the people assume the dog’s character.”


“Love it!”

“Very good show – they were great!”

“We though the show was excellent!”

“Super performance!”

“Best musical EVER!! Acting, singing, story, all outstanding! A great night out – a great cause to help the rescues!”

“Love the concept!”

“It was great!”

“Excellent and entertaining.”

“Loved it!”

“Great show!!”

“I love it! Awesome show!!

“A good tug at your heart. Enjoyed it and well done.”

“Adorable! Well thought out production!”

“Very touching show. Makes me want to go to the shelter!”

“Very cute!”

“Well done! Great voices!”

“I love the dogs!”

“Very powerful and touching. Bravo!”

“Great show!!”

“Awesome show!!”

“I absolutely loved the show. So touching and beautiful. Bravo!”

“We loved the show today! Please share our congrats and well wishes with the cast and crew.”

“I absolutely love the concept of this musical – AMAZING!”

“Very emotional. Funny, and very unique. I will come again!”

“We love it! Our favorite dog is Shep!”

“Great characters with lovely voices. Nice and melodic. Great job, everyone!”

“Awesome theme, great storyline, music is wonderful!”

“Very inspiring. I like the music. A fun way to spend an evening!”

“Really amazing! Great cast. Made me very emotional!”

“I thought this show is funanimal (phenomenal)! I love the dog characters sooo much!”

“Lots of fun, very cute and well done.”

“Love it – well done!”

“Terrific play! Good sound system, choreography & characterization. Plus an important message.”

“We love the music!”

“Adorable and heartwarming.”

“Great performance. Love the harmony of the songs!”

“Awesome show!”

“Great show! Love the songs!”

“Wonderful show.”

“Loved it! Everyone was wonderful.”

“It was very great! Was super impressed with the singing.”

“Great singing and characters. We enjoyed it and will suggest people see the show!”


“Cute show!”

“Love it!”

“Love it!! GREAT!!”

“Great singers. Great sound system.”

“Great show!”

“It was so good!”

“Great show! Especially Laura.”

“It’s really good!”

“Loved the character of Madam – really moving.”

“Loved the show!”

“Very emotional. One of the best shows I have ever seen.”

“Best play ever.”

“Great show!”

“Funny. Love the exam song! Very cute!”

“It’s really good. I like it!”


“I loved it!”

“Great show, great talent!”

“I loved everything!”

“I love all the dogs!”

“I loved everything and the dogs!”

“We really enjoyed the show – thanks!”


“Very funny!”

“It has a lot of personalities and I enjoyed it!”

“It’s amazing, sad and funny!”

“The play is really great. Lots of strong talent.”

“I appreciated the show! Great performances!”



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