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It is Laura’s first day of work at Eastview Municipal Animal Shelter (working under the shelter’s director, Ms. Hargreave) when she discovers her awesome talent: she can actually understand what the dogs in the shelter are saying! As she gets to know all of the dogs, it becomes clear to Laura that each dog has a sad story to tell about how they ended up there. The dogs themselves try to remain hopeful about their situation - even though adoptions are few. Laura then strives to find a way out of the shelter for all of the dogs - even as its future is threatened by a cash-strapped city government and the dogs remain trapped in an uncaring system with an uncertain future . . .

The Pound: A Musical for the Dogs is a fast-moving, fun show with a wide variety of songs for dog lovers of all ages. The subject matter is appropriate for children ages 5 and up, but also provides social commentary for adults as well - it's a show for dog lovers of all ages!

Full-length running time: ca. 90 minutes

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Origins of the Show

The Pound: A Musical for the Dogs was authored by Phil Darg and Julie Ana Rayne between 2013 and 2015. The show was originally conceived in April 2013. The show is the second production of Imagined Theatre.



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