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Sasquatched! The Musical: Summary


Bigfoot exists - but he's a lot different than you think! Arthur the Sasquatch is an intelligent, gentle, and dignified creature. When he becomes lost in Columbia National Park, he is befriended by young Sam. Together, they encounter quirky locals and elude a ruthless TV crew investigating Bigfoot - as the stage erupts into hilarious social commentary on human-Sasquatch relations and a fun, rockin' musical romp through the woods.


  • Arthur (the Sasquatch)
  • Sam (the boy)
  • Bert (the camper)
  • Zeke (the bar owner)
  • Thelma (the bar owner's wife)
  • Pat (the park ranger)
  • Cindy (the mom)
  • Jim (the dad)
  • Chaz (the "TV investigative journalist")
  • Dakota (the other "TV investigative journalist")
  • Steve (the camera man)
  • Chris (the seismologist)
  • Chorus members (various tourists, campers, etc.)



Arthur the Sasquatch (an intelligent, dignified creature) is lost in the woods of Columbia National Park when he stumbles upon Bert's campsite. Bert flees in fear to the local bar in nearby Filcher Creek to recount his experience. Bert's tale sets in motion a hoax being perpetrated by the bar owners - Zeke Bodinsky and his wife, Thelma - who seek to bring more business to their bar by posing as Bigfoot creatures and gaining media attention. News of Bert's encounter also attracts an opportunistic "investigative" TV Crew searching for Bigfoot. Meanwhile, Sam and his two over-protective parents (Jim and Cindy) chat briefly with Pat the Park Ranger while visiting Columbia Park - but Jim and Cindy lose track of Sam as they sing about their great parenting skills. Sam - now lost - meets up with Arthur in the woods, and they decide to help each other. Bert then leads the TV Crew out to the park, where they are secretly followed by Zeke and Thelma - who are ready to sport their Bigfoot suits and fool the TV show into thinking that Bigfoot is real. Meanwhile, Pat, Jim and Cindy organize a search for the young Sam - a doomed endeavor that leads to all of the characters becoming lost in the woods.


On the morning of the next day, Sam and Arthur encounter Pat the Park Ranger, who - after initially panicking at the sight of "Bigfoot" - is impressed with Arthurís gentle and intelligent nature, and vows to protect him from intruders. She vows to lead both Arthur and Sam back home. Meanwhile, Bert has discovered that the TV Crew is shallow and phony - and that their "investigative" TV show is a sham. Zeke and Thelma attempt to gain attention by skulking about in their Bigfoot suits - which leads to a series of brief chases that ends with Bert discovering Zeke and Thelma's hoax - and becoming friends with Arthur and Sam. Pat, Bert, Sam, and Arthur then encounter Chris the Seismologist - who is out working alone in the forests of Columbia Park. Pat and Chris quickly fall for each other. Pat then enlists Chris (with his extensive knowledge of the area) to help them in their quest, and . . .

As for the rest . . . well, you'll just have to investigate further and find out for yourself!

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