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Sasquatched! The Musical - Audience and Press Quotes

Sasquatched! The Musical - 2016 production

"The show is a frantic romp through the woods . . . in addition to the fun, the show also deals with the series issue of acceptance of those who are different and the ecology . . . it is a perfect show for children 5 years and up not only for the frolic on stage, but also for the show's underlying themes of acceptance and the need to be caretakers of the earth."
Bev Wolfe, Rift Magazine

Sasquatched! The Musical - 2014 Minneapolis production quotes:

"We really enjoyed the musical!"

"My family loved this! My four year old was riveted, which is really saying something."

"This play was so funny! I was wiping away tears from laughing so hard."

"Thank you for a wonderful theatrical experience last night! I found the show so clever, witty, and well-constructed--entertaining with a great underlying theme."

"Wonderfully surprised by the show. I really didn't know what to expect but the story was fun, the music was peppy and memorable and the actors were wonderful. I believe this will go places. The concept was clever, well scripted."

"Super entertaining - Adorable production! Absolutely loved the closing pose. We had a great time!"

"They had delightful little songs, "we say rhubarb." it had me grinning like a little kid . . ."

"It was great - very entertaining!"

"Great writing, wit, talent in the cast and performance!"

"Great show! Loved the upbeat, catchy tunes and the storyline!"

"So much fun! Second time it just gets better!"

"Fantastic! Great music and outstanding cast! Thank you!"

"Wonderful! Great music, plus good sound - can hear everything."

"Great show! Very entertaining!


"It is absolutely great! It should be Broadway-bound!"

"Loved the show! The music will be running through my head for a long time. "

"Thank you for writing this show. I loved each and every moment of it. I am a better person for having watched this show."

"Great show with great storyline and meaning. Canít stop coming back!"

"Awesome!! Very well done."

"Loved the show! Funny, great tunes!"

"So fun! Loved the energy, lyrics, music, choreography Ė delightful!

"Such a fun show! It was amazing"

This was amazing! I loved the jabs at media and helicopter parents! It was a great show!

"Great music, wonderful lyrics! I enjoyed the different voices of the singers/actors . . . I am so very glad that I did not miss this!"

"Fabulous! Make a CD of the music!"

"It was fantastic! I enjoyed every second of it and the humor."

"Great fun!"


"Absolutely wonderful!"

"We really enjoyed the show - great music & such good themes! Just wonderful! Thank you!"

"Music was wonderful, fun, and upbeat!"

"Great show! Very fun & entertaining!"

"Very funny and touching, too. Thanks for your imagination and performance."

"Refreshingly different."

"Great story, great music."

Sasquatched! The Musical - 2013 NYMF production show quotes:

"The quirky new pop-rock musical that will get your Bigfoot tappin'." Broadway World

"Such a delight."

"Wonderful show! Wouldn't have missed it for the world."

"We had a blast!"

"I was befriended by . . . Bigfoot - who is actually a kind, humble English-speaking family man in the very family friendly musical Sasquatched! The Musical." Times Square Chronicles

"Amazing! Phil Darg is just amazing!"

"Had a great time at the show! Our littlest member, who was 5, gave it two thumbs up."

"Get ready to be amazed by Sasquatched! The Musical"

"The show was a complete delight!"

"Wonderful moments of old-fashioned fun . . . The show is quite entertaining and joyful . . . A community theatre production gone wild!"

"I loved it! Rhubarb!"

"What a great, good time!"

"A Monster hit!!"

"The music sounded FANTASTIC!"

"A really fantastic show that tackles a great many themes, all the while being extremely entertaining, charming, and funny."

"A big thumbs up . . . Fun and clever show. You left us smiling."

"It was adorable - I LOVED it! "

"It's a great show. Talked to lots of people who saw the show, some who weren't sure what to except, but they really loved it."

"We keep singing the songs . . ."

"Charming, heartfelt, catchy tunes, and family friendly. Plus . . . I fell in love with Arthur!"

"Thumbs up! Excellent music and lyrics, funny storyline . . . The House was very much into the show . . . I totally enjoyed the evening and left with a big smile on my face."

"Very silly and fun - very likeable."

"Sasquatched! breaks the fourth wall multiple times with nods to showbiz and the fact that it's a silly musical. Whimsical, yet minimal, Sasquatched! is a heartfelt comedy about what is means to be human."

"It was fantastic!"

"Absolutely loved it! We laughed 'til our stomachs hurt!"

"The show was phenomenal! I can't stop singing the songs!! The characters were unique and memorable."

"Fun for kids, humorous for all."

"Sasquatched! was awesome! Very original, witty, and highly entertaining. There was never a dull moment."

"Rock and roll, love ballads, rap and feisty chorus members left the audience clapping and cheering . . . I wish I could see it again and again!"

"I can't get the music out of my head! It's so catchy! I really love this show."

"A good family show!"

"Great show!"

"You had me at SASQUATCHED!"

"We've been MOVED by landslides, earthquakes, tremors, and volcanoes!"

Sasquatched! The Musical is a fun show with wide audience appeal! Discover why Sasquatched! The Musical is a great production choice for your theatre or organization.


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