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Sasquatched! The Musical

Are you looking for a great show for general audiences with contemporary themes and dialogue, catchy music, and the promise of a good time for all? Then look no further than Sasquatched! The Musical.

Reasons why Sasquatched! The Musical is a highly producible piece with great audience appeal:

  • The show is funny and fast-moving, the songs are short; the running time is about 100 minutes; the show can be performed in one long act OR in two acts with an intermission
  • The show has wide popular appeal: it's appropriate for general audiences and children, yet has significant social commentary appealing to adults and critics; the title immediately invokes the show's comic nature and its emphasis on satire and fun
  • The size of the cast is scalable; it can be produced with 12 actors doubling as chorus members, or it can be cast with 12 major speaking roles and a supporting ensemble (chorus) of 4-8 persons
  • The acting burden is spread relatively evenly; the dialogue is quick, most of the lines are relatively short; every speaking role sings at least 2-3 songs and carries an intermittent series of scenes; no single character is onstage for too long
  • With the exception of the main Sasquatch outfit, costuming for the show is contemporary and straightforward
  • Scenic design can be minimal; only a few scenic elements are required: a log, a bar, a few trees and bushes; a lawn chair and a few bar stools, etc.
  • Sound design elements are also simple and few in number
  • The musical instrumentation is relatively simple, and can be played in full with a band of 5 persons (piano, keyboards, bass, drums. guitar); theoretically, it could also be played by a smaller ensemble or even just by a single piano player
  • Audiences love the show - read the audience quotes

NOTE: Sasquatched! The Musical has a special agreement with Stage Rights to allow full scale commercial Off-Broadway, Broadway, and West End (London) productions. The show is free of licensing entanglements which might prevent its advancement.

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