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"Welcome back to Modern Monsters . . ."

Dakota (Laura Oldham, left) and Chaz (Chris Gleim, right), host the investigative 'reality TV' show Modern Monsters; this week, they investigate "Bigfoot." Photo by Ben Strothmann.


"Is That What They Think of Me?"

Arthur the Sasquatch (T.J. Mannix) laments the negative stereotype of "Bigfoot" in the media. Photo by Ben Strothmann.


"Eight Feet Tall (and Smelled Like a Skunk)"

Bert (Ryan Dietz, center) relates his Bigfoot encounter to the patrons of Zeke's Bar (Leasen Almquist, Billy Clark Taylor, Jonathan Randell Silver, Chris Gleim, Don Meehan). Photo by Ben Strothmann.


"Welcome to Bigfoot Central"

Zeke (Don Meehan) and Thelma (Leasen Almquist) formulate their plot to perpetrate a Bigfoot hoax. Photo by Ben Strothmann.


"Helicopter Parents Are We"

Jim (Billy Clark Taylor) and Cindy (Leslie Henstock) describe to Pat the Park Ranger (Laura Daniel) how they closely watch over their son, Sam (Cole Canzano). Photo by Ben Strothmann.


"Shake the Camera and Run"

Steve (Jonathan Randell Silver), Chaz (Chris Gleim) and Dakota (Laura Oldham) describe to Bert (Ryan Dietz, center) how they create sensational 'reality TV' investigations. Photo by Ben Strothmann.


"Starts With You"

Sam (Cole Canzano, left) meets Arthur the Sasquatch (T.J. Mannix, right) in the woods, and they quickly become friends. Photo by Ben Strothmann.



The Chorus Members (Leasen Almquist, Don Meehan, Patrick John Moran) protest their lack of lines and then briefly take over the show! Photo by Ben Strothmann.


"Lost in the Woods"

Left to right: Don Meehan, Jonathan Randell Silver, Laura Daniel, Leasen Almquist, Laura Oldham, Chris Gleim, Ryan Dietz.


"I'm An Eco-Friendly . . . Park Ranger"

Pat the Park Ranger (Laura Daniel) vows to protect Arthur the Sasquatch (T.J. Mannix) and lead Sam (Cole Canzano, right) safely back to his parents. Photo by Ben Strothmann.


"You Don't Know Me"

After an initially suspicious encounter, Arthur (T.J. Mannix, center) and Bert (Ryan Dietz, right) conclude that they can indeed live in harmony, while Sam (Cole Canzano, left) joins in singing as well. Photo by Ben Strothmann.


"Landslides, Earthquakes, Tremors and Volcanoes"

Pat the Park Ranger (Laura Daniel) meets Chris the Seismologist (Patrick John Moran) - and it's love at first sight. Photo by Ben Strothmann.



Arthur the Sasquatch (T.J. Mannix, center) is warned of the dangers of sudden fame in "Exposure" (left to right: Patrick John Moran, Ryan Dietz, Leslie Henstock, Billy Clark Taylor) Photo by Ben Strothmann.


"Seismologist gets girl . . . seismologist loses girl"

Left to right: Laura Daniel, Cole Canzano, Patrick John Moran.


"Chase in the Woods"

Arthur the Sasquatch (T.J. Mannix, left) eludes the investigative TV crew (Chris Gleim, Jonathan Randell Silver, Laura Oldham) with a little help from Pat the Park Ranger (Laura Daniel). Photo by Ben Strothmann.

Curtain Call