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Sasquatched! The Musical - Music Selections

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1 - "Is That What They Think of Me?" - Arthur the Sasquatch is shocked and disappointed when he discovers that sasquatches are depicted on television as being fearsome monsters of the woods (featuring T. J. Mannix).

2 - "Eight Feet Tall and Smelled Like a Skunk" - Bert returns to Zeke's Bar to recount his encounter with Arthur the Sasquatch (fast, late '50s/early '60s Rock 'n' Roll/Rockabilly).

3 - "Welcome to Bigfoot Central" - Zeke and Thelma describe how they would like to perpetrate the Bigfoot myth to drive tourists into their bar and motel (big, loud rock).

4 - "Helicopter Parents Are We" - Cindy and Jim (and the Chorus) describe their life as over-protective helicopter parents (up-tempo, piano-based, show tune song style).

5 - "Shake the Camera and Run" - Chaz and Dakota (and occasionally Steve) describe how to create modern, investigative video footage (up-tempo, funky '70s/'80s hip-hop/funk).

6 - "Starts With You" - Arthur sings a song to Sam encouraging him to be brave - even though they are both lost (medium tempo pop-rock style).

8 - "Lost in the Woods" - all of the adults lost in the woods join in a song describing their fears and frustrations (fast '70s rock).

9 - "I'm an Eco-Friendly . . . Park Ranger" - Pat the Park Ranger's song praising the virtues of being an eco-friendly park ranger (featuring Laura Daniel).

10 - "You Don't Know Me the Way That You Should" - Arthur, Bert, and Sam sing about Sasquatches and humans holding unfair stereotypes of each other (medium tempo, reggae-tinged pop).

12 - "Exposure" - Chris, Jim, Cindy, and Bert explain the dangers of sudden fame to Arthur (a fast, humorous "vaudeville" number).

15 - Landslides, Earthquakes, Tremors, and Volcanoes - as Pat the Park Ranger attempts to lead Arthur and Sam to safety, they encounter Chris the Seismologist . . . and it's love at first sight for both Chris and Pat (featuring Patrick John Moran and Laura Daniel).

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