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About Sasquatched! The Musical

Sasquatched! The Musical was authored in 2012. The book, music, and lyrics were authored by Phil Darg.

Sasquatched! is the story of the gentle, dignified Arthur (a talking Sasquatch lost in the woods of Columbia National Park in the Pacific Northwest), his friendship with a boy named Sam, and his interactions with the other quirky human characters of the surrounding area (who either fear him and/or help him), and the issues revolving around Sasquatch-human relations.

Sasquatched! is divided into two acts, and has a running time of about 100 minutes. It contains fourteen songs and numerous instrumental musical pieces. The music ranges from show tunes to pop/rock. The play was designed for a medium-large sized ensemble cast, with twelve major characters, and a small supporting chorus.

The style of the play is humorous, fast-moving, and family-friendly. The subject matter is somewhat satirical in nature, but is geared for general audiences. Dramatic themes include: over-protective parenting, the phoniness of the media, environmentalism, multiculturalism (human-Sasquatch relations), etc.) but nothing too complicated, preachy, or sappy. The show maintains a delicate balance between humorous and sweet.

Sasquatched! The Musical was submitted as an entry to the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) in September 2012. In January, it was passed through to finalist status, and in February, it was chosen as one of NYMF's Next Link selections. In June 2013, the piece received an award from the Anna Sosenko Assist Trust. In July 2013, the show was performed as part of NYMF at the PTC Performance Space (Pearl Theatre) at 555 West 42nd Street in New York City.

NOTE: Sasquatched! The Musical has a special agreement with Stage Rights to allow full scale commercial Off-Broadway, Broadway, and West End (London) productions. The show is free of licensing entanglements which might prevent its advancement.

Phil Darg (Book, Music and Lyrics). Phil is a playwright, writer, and composer. He is the author of more than a dozen plays and musicals, and the composer/producer of more than an estimated 200 musical works (some of which have been composed for the stage and broadcast on MTV, The History Channel, and Turner South).

Graphic Design for the 2014 production by Rick Hammond.

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